As members of our School, we strive to continue assisting our students once they graduate and move into their field of interest. Each year, we have a selection of excellent graduate students entering the job market and as a School, we seek to assist these graduates in establishing their career in an area of interest. Please see the list of graduating students for this year below. If you would like to contact them, please follow the links to their ASU profile or call the School of Politics and Global Studies at (480) 965-8563 for contact information.

Recent Doctoral Candidates:

Chris Hale | Curriculum Vitae

Fields of Study: Comparative Politics (major)
                          International Relations (minor)

Dissertation title: Religion and Political Activism in Mexico

Graduated: August 2013

Chris's research interests include religion and politics, collective action and cooperation, agent-based modeling, and Latin American politics. His dissertation assesses the conditions under which religious institutions can be expected to positively impact political activism. He theorizes that where religious institutions are marked by non-centralized local lay management, individuals develop patterns of reciprocal exchange that contribute to the development of political activism. The mechanisms of the theory are developed through an agent-based model. Qualitative and quantitative empirical analyses in Mexico support his primary hypothesis.

Chris received his PhD in Comparative Politics in August of 2013 and is currently serving as an Instructor at Northern Arizona University. He has been the recipient of grants from the National Science Foundation, the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, and Arizona State University's Graduate and Professional Student Association. He has spent a total of 9 months performing qualitative field research in Mexico.

Chris is also the co-winner of the 2013 Sage Award for Best Paper Developing or Applying Qualitative Methods and was also awarded an Emerging Diversity Scholar Citation from the University of Michigan's National Center for Institutional Diversity. Furthermore, he was the recipient of an Arizona State University dissertation fellowship for the 2012-2013 academic school year as well as the School of Politics and Global Studies' Teaching Assistant of the Year award in 2012. 

Dissertation committee members: Dr. Carolyn Warner (chair), Dr. Michael Hechter, Dr. Magda Hinojosa, and Dr. David Siroky.

  David Muchlinski | Curriculum Vitae


  Fields of Study: Comparative Politics (major)
                              International Relations (minor)
                              Political Methods (minor)

  Dissertation Title: Swords and Plowshares: Jewish Rebel Governance in Mandate Palestine 1920-1948 

  Graduated: Spring 2013

David Muchlinski, Ph.D., specializes in Comparative Politics and the International Relations of the Middle East with an emphasis on Israeli politics, ethnic, religious, and civil conflict, and political methodology with an emphasis on algorithmic statistical models like Classification and Regression Tress and Random Forests.

David earned his Ph.D. in summer of 2013 and is currently a statistics tutor for a local community college.  David's research interests lie in examining how non-state actors construct systems and institutions of political authority in stateless societies, as well as weak or failed states.  David also has an active research agenda in the field of religion and politics with a paper resubmitted for publication at Politics and Religion.  He is currently working on two other papers: one examining the ability of non-state actors to provide public goods in stateless societies, while the second uses ensemble methods, like Random Forests and Bayesian Model Averaging, to inform frequentist statistical research by examining the correlates of civil war onset.

David's teaching interests at both the graduate and undergraduate levels lie in Middle Eastern politics, Israeli politics, civil war and conflict studies, religion and politics, and social science research methods.

You can see David's professional website at  He can be reached through his personal email at

Dissertation committee members: Dr. Carolyn Warner (chair), Dr. Michael Hechter, Dr. David Siroky, Dr. Tomomi Tanaka