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Global Studies
Liberal Arts & Sciences, College of
School of Politics and Global Studies


Global studies examines the causes and consequences of problems that cross national boundaries and the governance of these problems in social, cultural and economic contexts. The major focuses on real-world problems and their solutions in the context of the New American University. This mission is enabled by an internationally recognized faculty who have extensive global experience from a wide variety of disciplines in the social sciences, humanities and law. The global studies program uses teaching, research and public policy activities to address some of the most challenging issues that include:

  • built environments
  • economic and social development
  • global cities and urbanization
  • global governance of quality of life issues such as health and climate change
  • justice and human rights
  • religious identities, rights and conflicts
  • world culture

Within the program's intellectual framework, students are required to take courses in at least two areas of emphasis, providing them with a broad understanding of global processes and institutions. Areas of emphasis include:

  • cultural perspectives and place
  • economic development
  • global governance
  • urban systems and environment
  • violence, conflict and human rights

Global studies faculty members orient their work toward solving global problems by drawing on their training in diverse disciplines, including:

  • anthropology
  • economics
  • geography
  • history
  • law
  • planning
  • political science
  • sociology
Second language requirement: 
Minimum math requirement: 
MAT 142 - College Mathematics

Career opportunities

A global studies degree prepares students for professional and graduate training (including law, business and public policy) and provides professional training to future decision-makers in government, business and policy entities.