The School of Politics and Global Studies holds frequent lectures featuring faculty, graduate students and visiting scholars. The workshop is run by a faculty member and is an Internal Speaker Series meant to help graduate students.

Typical Workshop Time: Wednesdays, 12-1pm

Location: SPGS, Lattie F. Coor Hall, Room 6761

Coordinator: José Kaire at

If you want to present at the School Workshop, please contact the coordinator.

Listed below are upcoming lectures within the School of Politics and Global Studies. Key: Center on the Future of War (CFW), Center for Latina/os and American Politics Research (CLAPR), and Workshop (WS)

Fall 2020

Date Speaker Title Time Location
2-Oct Juliet Hooker, Professor of Political Science, Brown University The Democratic Politics of Racist Monument Removal: Failed Proceduralism vs. Effective Rioting  (CLAPR) 1:00pm Zoom
6-Oct James O’Donnell and Lt. Gen. (ret) Robert Schmidle The War for Gaul: How Julius Caesar’s Ideas on Strategy Can Help Us Face Contemporary Challenges (CFW) 5:30pm Zoom
8-Oct Eduardo Sainz, Mi Familia Vota; Lisa Magana, ASU; Lisa Sanchez, UA, Louis Desipio, UC Irvine Latina/os and the 2020 Elections: Local, State, and National Perspectives (CLAPR) 5:00pm Zoom
14-Oct Peter L. Bergen, Daniel Rothenberg and Souad Ali COVID-19 as a ‘Hinge Event’ and Implications for U.S. Security (CFW) 4:30pm Zoom
21-Oct David Daley The Voting Rights Crisis and the 2020 Presidential Election 12:00pm Zoom
28-Oct Nnamdi Igbokwe Corruption in Context: A question of
law or normativity?
4:30pm Zoom
10-Nov Nnamdi Igbokwe Corruption’s Comparative Quagmire 4:30pm Zoom
12-Nov Steve Pfaff TBA TBA Zoom
18-Nov James Strickland Higher-Law Lobbying during Constitutional Conventions. 10:30am Zoom
18-Nov Nnamdi Igbokwe Social Pandemic and Institutional
3:00pm Zoom
18-Nov Heather Hurlburt, Jeannette Haynie and Camille Stewart Diversity in National Security: How to Ensure More Women Hold Leadership Positions (CFW) 5:00pm Zoom
19-Nov Daniel Ziblatt TBA 12:00pm Zoom
2-Dec Fabian Neuner TBA 10:30am Zoom
2-Dec Joe Brazda What Now? The Future of the JCPOA and the Iranian Nuclear Program (CFW) 5:30pm Zoom

Past Workshops & Lectures

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Title Time Location
24-Jan PRIEC Conference  TBA TBA
21-Feb Frank Baumgartner Kramer Lecture: "Racial Profiling in US Traffic Stops: Assessing the Evidence" 2:45pm CDN 60
19-Feb Chirasree Mukherjee "Terrorism and Democratic Backsliding: A Case Study of South Asia" 12pm Coor 6607
6-Mar Susan Fransechet "Cabinets, Ministers, and Gender" 10:30am Coor 6607
Postponed Jamon Van Den Hoek "Refugee Camps as Climate Traps?: Current and Future Climate Marginality at One Thousand Refugee Camps" 12pm Coor 5536
Postponed Robert Bond Distinguished Alumni Talk  TBA TBA
Postponed Jenna Bednar TBA TBA TBA
8-Apr Haeyong Lim "Misperception, Redistribution, and Transparency: Does Transparency Increase Redistribution?" 12pm Zoom
Postponed N/A SPGS Scholarship Awards Ceremony 3pm MU 202
Postponed Milan Svolik (Yale)  Warren Miller Jr. Colloquium TBA TBA

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Title Time Location
4-Sep James Strickland "More Women Can Lobby: Explaining Gender Diversity Among Lobbyists in the U.S. States" 12:00pm COOR 6607
18-Sep Namig Abbasov "Individual Preferences on Pro-Western Foreign Policy Orientation: The Evidence from the South Caucasus" 12:00pm COOR 6607
16-Oct Daniel Rothenberg  "Naming Evil: The Meaning, Value and Usefulness of Genocide in International Law" 12:00pm COOR 6607
6-Nov Margaret Hanson Corruption and Governance in Authoritarian Regimes 12:00pm COOR 6607
20-Nov Valery Dzutsati Effects of Anomie and Cultural Distance on Public Attitudes toward Territorial Integrity: Evidence from the South Caucasus 12:00pm COOR 6607

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title Time Location
10-Jan Michael McQuarrie  "Civil Society and the Ethnonationalist Politics of Trump and Brexit" 12:00pm COOR 6761
18-Jan Scott Mainwaring  "Outcomes of Democratic Transitions" 11:45am COOR 6761
22-Jan Stephen Ansolabehere  "Representation and Accountability, the Constituent’s Perspective" (Kramer Lecture) 3:00pm MU 202
30-Jan Lenka Bustikova "Far Right Parties and Far Right Armed Voluntary Movements in Ukraine: Complements or Substitutes" 12:00pm COOR 6761
1-Feb Sarah Allen Gershon "Shared Identities: The Intersection of Race and Gender and Support for Political Candidates" (Distinguished Alumni) 1:30pm COOR 6761
13-Feb Steve Pfaff "Sectarianism, and Judicial Terror:  The Scottish Witch-Hunt, 1563 - 1736."  12:00pm COOR 6761
22-Feb Lisa Baldez  "Ratification of Human Rights Treaties in the United States" 1:30pm COOR 6761
27-Feb Michael Bernhard "Parties, Civil Society, and the Deterrence of Democratic Defection" (Warren Miller Jr. Colloquium) 12:00pm COOR 6761
15-Mar Kathryn Hendley  "Assessing the Potential for Renegades Among Russian Millennial Lawyers" 2:30pm COOR 6761
20-Mar Jeff Segal "Motivated Cognition on the Bench: Does Criminal Egregiousness Influence Judges’ Admissibility Decisions in Search and Seizure Cases?" 11:30 AM COOR 6761
22-Mar Ben Smith University of Florida TBD TBD
29-Mar Marisa Abrajano “Talking Politics: Political Discussion Networks and the New American Electorate”  2:00pm COOR 6761
10-Apr Valerie Hoekstra Workshop TBD TBD
11-Apr SPGS Awards Ceremony TBD TBD
11-Apr SPGS Social Hour TBD TBD

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title Time Location
22-Aug Carolyn Warner and Mia Armstrong "Institutional Challenges to Prosecuting Sexual Assault: Assessing the Military, with Evidence from U.S. Bases in Japan" 12:00pm COOR 6761
5-Sep Becki Cordell “Security-civil Liberties Trade-offs: International Cooperation in Extraordinary Rendition” 12:00pm COOR 6761
3-Oct Terri Givens "Immigration and Refugee Policy in the U.S. and Europe - The Impact of Electoral Politics" 12:00pm COOR 6761
17-Oct Milos Popovic "Dictators Cry Too: War and Public Support for Authoritarian Leaders" 12:00pm COOR 6761
26-Oct Political Theory Workshop / Patrick Deneen “The Degradation of Citizenship”  3:00pm COOR 6607
26-Oct Jennifer Cyr "Between Oligarchy and Populism: Democratic Deficiencies in Latin America" 1:00pm COOR 6761
2-Nov Kopf Conference “New Perspectives on Statebuilding”  TBD TBD
9-Nov Political Theory Workshop / Brian Blanchard Political Theory Workshop 3:00pm COOR 6607
14-Nov Glenn Sheriff "Environmental Markets and the Distribution of Pollution"  12:00pm COOR 6761
28-Nov Becki Cordell Workshop 12:00pm COOR 6761

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title Time Location
12-Jan Fran Hagopian  Workshop on Latin American Politics 12:15pm COOR 6761
17-Jan Becki Cordell  The Political Costs of International Cooperation in Extraordinary Rendition 12:15pm COOR 6761
31-Jan Sarah Shair-Rosenfield "When Change is Good: Estimating the Effects of Electoral Reform on Female Political Representation" 12:30pm COOR 6761
28-Feb See Seng Tan “The ‘IR-ization’ of Asia-Pacific Security” 12:15pm COOR 6761
16-Mar Arturas Rozenas  "Mass Repression and Political Loyalty: Evidence from Stalin's 'Hunger by Terror'"  10:00am COOR 6761
28-Mar Margaret Hanson "Authoritarian Law: Signals from Above"  12:15pm COOR 6761
11-Apr Lenka Bustikova "Why Do Civilians Support Rebels? Evidence from Endorsement Experiments in Dagestan, Russia" 12:15pm COOR 6761
16-Apr Steph Haggard  "Dictators and Democrats: Elites, Masses and Regime Change" 1:30pm COOR 6761
25-Apr Christian Davenport "Starting and Stopping Repressive Spells" 12:15pm COOR 6761

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title Time Location
6-Sep Henry Thomson "Democratization, Elections and Urban Social Disorder in the Developing World, 1960-2011" 12:15pm COOR 6761
15-Sep Clark Gray Climate Change and Human Migration in South Asia 10:30am COOR 6761
20-Sep Fabian Neuner "Seeing Blue in Black and White: Race and Perceptions of Officer-Involved Shootings" 12:15pm COOR 6761
29-Sep Benjamin Marquez "Social Movements, Philanthropy and Lawyers: MALDEF and Building an Ethnic Identity" 12:30pm COOR 6761
4-Oct Kendall Funk "Representative Budgeting: Women Mayors and the Composition of Spending in Local Governments" 12:15pm COOR 6761
18-Oct Audrey Comstock "Negotiated Rights: Ratification, Accession, and Negotiating United Nations Human Rights Treaties" 12:15pm COOR 6761
25-Oct Victor Peskin "The Human Rights Ideal, the Marginalization of Lesser Crimes, and the Politics of Establishing the New Kosovo Specialist Chambers" 12:15pm COOR 4403
26-Oct Kathleen Thelen The New Precariat: The United States in Comparative Perspective - Kramer Lecture Series Midday COOR 6761
1-Nov Christian Phillips Demographics are (Men's) Destiny: Immigrant Communities and Descriptive Representation in American State Legislatures 12:15pm COOR 6761